Here we showcase an All-on-X full mouth reconstruction case that was done by Dr. Novin.

This case was done in collaboration with our in house denturist and anesthesiologist, giving the patient a very comfortable experience.

Patient was interested in replacing his teeth that he had neglected for many years. We started by taking a 3D xray (CBCT) of both of his jaws, a 3D optical scan of the teeth and tissues and several photos.

We then started planning the reconstruction in 3D softwares where we are able to see the nerves, blood vessels, infections and digitally planned the position of the implants that will support the teeth. Surgical guides were printed at our office and immediate temporary teeth fabricated at our office. Patient was scheduled for a full day to perform the double arch surgery and fit the temporary teeth.

Before, 3D planning and After

These cases take 3-6 months from start to finish before patient has their final teeth but at our office we do everything in house. When done properly, these cases are extremely safe and results are beautiful and long lasting.

After (same day as surgery)