When a cavity has reached or is very close to the nerve (pulp) of a baby tooth, it is recommended […]
Fluoride is the negative ion of the element fluorine and is naturally found in air, soil, water, plants and some […]
3D digital dentistry or three-dimensional digital dentistry is a new era in dentistry made possible due to advancements in 3D […]
What is autism spectrum disorder? Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with […]
As a new parent it can be quite overwhelming to know when to take them first to a dentist. Unfortunately, […]
One quick and inexpensive way to replace lost tooth structure is with tooth coloured white fillings called composites. Tooth structure […]
Radiation Safety
What is a “radiograph” or an “x-ray”? Radiographs are images that are produced using x-rays instead of light rays. X-rays […]
prevention and avoidance of sports or play related injuries in children and kids
The most effective way to protect your child’s teeth and jaws while playing contact sports is a customized sports guard […]
Interceptive orthodontics is the first step of orthodontic treatment and is recommended in the early stages of a child’s malocclusion. […]
Pacifiers and Thumb sucking “It is normal for babies to suck because it helps them relax. By the time your […]
Every person has certain anatomic features. Some children have permanent molars with very thin and deep grooves that, even with […]
“When your child eats or drinks sugars, the germs (bacteria) in your child’s mouth mix with the sugars to make […]
You should begin cleaning your baby’s mouth even before the teeth appear. Here is how the Canadian Dental Association recommends […]
We would like to see your little ones as early as 3 years old for regular cleanings. We believe in […]