At Stouffville SMILES Dentistry, we pride ourselves to being a family centric dental office that caters to all members of the family including your little ones.

We provide various dental services for children, kids and those with special needs including:

Our office has been designed specifically to accomodate children and Kids of various needs, offer privacy and comfort.

We believe in making children comfortable by using the least invasive behavioural management techniques first. These include:

  1. Positive reinforcements – using positive words of encouragement.
  2. Modeling – using their parent or older sibling as a model.
  3. Tell-Show-Do – telling them, showing them and then doing something.
  4. Nitrous Oxide Sedation – use of laughing gas to calm them down a bit.
  5. General Anesthesia – single visit sleep dentistry.

Our staff are trained to be kid friendly and we like to start early with children. We recommend our patients bring their children early on to our office when they have appointments to allow their children to familiarize themselves with the concept of dentistry and dental care. In fact the Canadian Dental Association recommends bringing children in for their first orientation visit at 12 months old or when their first tooth has come in whichever is earlier. Even if not much can be done at this visit, it sets the tone and allows the child to develop a sense and the need for dental health early on.

Contact us for all your children’s dental needs.