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State of the art facility, dental chairs, equipment, instruments, materials

At our dental office, we have invested in one of the best dental chairs, dental equipment, instruments, sterilization equipment, materials and our facility has been designed and constructed by one of the best dental designers and contractors in Canada. This ensures quality, consistency, accuracy and efficiency which transfers to the patients and helps us care for our valuable patients better, faster and more efficiently.

Patient entertainment

In order to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible, we have invested in a plethora of patient entertainment services. We regularly update our portfolio to keep you entertained. By conveniently placing a display on the ceiling and in front of you, we make sure you can actually watch what you choose to watch through our on demand movies, cartoons and music. We also provide headphones so you can completely avoid all the noise and anxiety of a dental office.

WiFi and Internet Access
iPad and Games
Noise Cancelling Headphones
Cable TV, Netflix, Youtube in every room

3D Scanning and Printing

We utilize 3D technology to enhance our diagnostics, accuracy and surgeries. Taking impressions with a goopy material are a thing of the past – we utilize digital 3D scanning and mapping and printing technology along with 3D radiology (CBCT) technology instead. We are the only dental office in Stouffville to do so.

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3D Radiographs (CBCT) and Guided Surgeries

Traditional dentistry has been performed on 2D x-rays (images) that do not give us any depth. We are equipped with 3D (CBCT) radiographic equipment that allows to see depth, find extra canals that might go missing during a root canal and use guided surgery to place implants.

Dedicated Surgical Room

We have created a room just for our surgical procedures equipped with enhanced air exchangers, advanced operating lighting, the most advanced and comfortable dental chair in the world and anesthesia equipment.

Our entire office has advanced air exchangers and filters which exchange the office air with outside fresh air 60% better than most other dental offices.

Computer assisted anesthesia and single tooth anesthesia

At Stouffville Smiles Dentistry, we understand that anxiety and dentalphobia is one of the major impediments to regular dental visits. For this reason, we have invested and equipped our dental office with computer assisted anesthesia. This system allows very slow injection of the anesthetic (numbing solution) thus eliminating the burning sensation associated with an injection. It also allows us to magically anesthetize only the tooth and avoid numbing of the lips, tongue and cheeks that can make for a not-so-comfortable recovery after a dental visit.

Anesthesia reversal

Anesthesia reversal is also a new technology. It is a medication that allows the anesthetic to be removed from the area more rapidly thus reversing the numbing. Although, by using single tooth computer assisted anesthesia we can avoid numbing the lips, tongue and the cheek for the most part, for some procedures, we just have to use traditional local anesthesia (block anesthesia) – this is when anesthesia reversal at our office comes handy.

Digital radiographs and records – environmentally friendly and responsible

At Stouffville Smiles Dentistry, we truly believe in caring for our planet and our patients. We have tried to almost completely eliminate paper usage by utilizing digital computer records, pictures and radiographs. It is a part of our efforts towards a responsible business model. Digital radiographs offer a 80% increase in quality and a 50% reduction in radiation.

Electric motors – less noise and faster cutting

Most dental offices in the world still use a high pitch and noisy “air” driven motors to perform dentistry. At Stouffville Smiles all the dental chairs are equipped with brush-less electric motors. They are more powerful, do not slow down, are consistent in speed, cause less micro-fractures, have better accuracy and most importantly do not make any hissing noise. This translates to less anxiety and fear and faster and better dentistry.

ORMOCER restorations

Traditional plastic fillings have lots of resins in them similar to BPA that has been shown to be allergenic in nature in the human body. ORMOCER is a relatively new technology in North America that has been tried, tested, researched and been used extensively in Germany and the rest of Europe. Combining ORMOCER technology and Nanotechnology, gives us the modern Nano-ORMOCER white fillings that are basically completely ceramic based and there are no resins (or plastics). ORMOCER white fillings have been shown to have a higher biocompatibility, lower shrinkage (and hence post filling sensitivity) and last longer than traditional plastic fillings.

Minimally invasive Dentistry

Our philosophy has always been to be minimally invasive. We firmly believe that the best treatment is prevention and no treatment. When a treatment is necessary, it should be done as conservatively as possible to retain natural and healthy tooth, bone or gum structure as much as possible.

We specialize in minimally invasive guided and 3D planned immediate single visit implant dentistry using the latest 3D scanning and printing technology.