We recommend that parents begin to care for their children’s teeth as soon as the first tooth pops through the gum (which is typically around one year of age or earlier). Although, examining an infant of this age can be challenging and cause anxiety for the parents, our dental professionals are highly trained and armed with various techniques that can facilitate this quick visit.

Through education on diet, oral hygiene habits and reinforcement, our team members will help you maintain and optimize your babies oral health early on. We recommend using a damp cloth or toddler’s toothbrush to wipe the teeth of any debris, twice a day – once in the morning and again after the last meal of the day. Only allow water after the “final brush of the day” and avoid letting your child sip on milk, juice or sugary drink before bedtime.

Avoiding cavities in children and baby teeth is as important as in permanent teeth. Cavities lead to infection of the baby or adult tooth and its eventual premature loss. Although baby teeth eventually fall out, their premature extraction or loss can lead to malnutrition, crowding, mal-aligned and crooked teeth, psychological disturbances and slower social development.

Cavities can be avoided almost completely by controlling diet and snacking, proper oral hygiene habits, use of fluoride and early intervention and fillings.