Here we showcase an All-on-X full mouth reconstruction case that was done by Dr. Novin. This case was done in […]
Fluoride is the negative ion of the element fluorine and is naturally found in air, soil, water, plants and some […]
grafting the gums
What is “gum grafting”? Gum grafting is a procedure whereby the lost soft tissues are restored surgically. There are several […]
Celebrities without teeth
While it is fun to see our favourite celebrities without their million dollar smile, we have dug deeper into the […]
Reshaping and Recontouring Gums or the gingiva is carried out to cosmetically correct what we call a “gummy smile”. This […]
Kid's Toothpaste Tip
As adults most of us are familiar with the current scientific standard on brushing and flossing which is to brush […]
Whitening Before and After
“Did you know that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you?” There are many ways […]
Does Cold Air Affect Your Teeth
Sensitive teeth can impact what we eat, and it can also impact our mood! Stop by, we can help!
As a new parent it can be quite overwhelming to know when to take them first to a dentist. Unfortunately, […]
Dentures are removable replacements made up of plastic artificial teeth. They are used to fill the spaces created by the […]
One quick and inexpensive way to replace lost tooth structure is with tooth coloured white fillings called composites. Tooth structure […]
Every person has certain anatomic features. Some children have permanent molars with very thin and deep grooves that, even with […]
tooth aches and discomfort
Discomfort and Pain in dentistry is very complicated and can usually arise from one or several of the following structures: […]
broken chipped or fractured tooth and its restoration
Broken, chipped, cracked or fractured teeth in children usually result from one of the following: Trauma or accident to the […]