Please read the following protocols carefully before entering the premises:

If you are a visitor (suppliers, delivery people, construction workers, service technicians, janitors, etc) or a staff member and would like to enter our premises, please click on the link below to fill our COVID19 screening form a maximum of 24 hours before your entry.

You must wear a face covering when entering and exiting the premises. Also make sure there is nobody else around when you are entering and exiting.

Please keep your face covering on at all times if you cannot maintain a physical distance of 2 meters.

If you are a visitor, your temperature will be taken upon entry by one of our staff members.

Please use the sanitizer provided upon entry and before exit.

DO NOT ENTER, if your temperature is over 38 degree celsius and/or you feel unwell.

If your response hasn’t been received, you WILL BE DENIED entry.