Fluoride is the negative ion of the element fluorine and is naturally found in air, soil, water, plants and some […]
3D digital dentistry or three-dimensional digital dentistry is a new era in dentistry made possible due to advancements in 3D […]
scaling and root planing
What is “Scaling and Root Planing”? Scaling is the removal of calculus and biofilm from the surface of teeth. Biofilm […]
grafting the gums
What is “gum grafting”? Gum grafting is a procedure whereby the lost soft tissues are restored surgically. There are several […]
One quick and inexpensive way to replace lost tooth structure is with tooth coloured white fillings called composites. Tooth structure […]
The most effective way to protect your teeth and jaws while playing contact sports is a sports guard. A sport […]
According to the American National Sleep Foundation, 1 out of 12 adults grind their teeth at night. The symptoms of […]
Tooth decay is caused by the acid produced by the bacteria in contact with food. Certain foods are more dangerous […]
For effective removal of plaque and food particles, you should brush your teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day, with […]
Radiation Safety
What is a “radiograph” or an “x-ray”? Radiographs are images that are produced using x-rays instead of light rays. X-rays […]
Our hygienists will begin your dental cleaning appointment with a review of your medical history and will address any questions […]
prevention and avoidance of sports or play related injuries in children and kids
The most effective way to protect your child’s teeth and jaws while playing contact sports is a customized sports guard […]