tooth aches and discomfort
At Stouffville Smiles Dentistry, we take care of your dental emergencies right away. Dental pain is one of the worst […]
What is “extraction”? Extraction of a tooth or removal of a tooth from the jaw bone and the adjacent tissues […]
What is a “root canal”? In the very center of your tooth there are blood vessels and nerves called “pulp”.  […]
grafting the gums
What is “gum grafting”? Gum grafting is a procedure whereby the lost soft tissues are restored surgically. There are several […]
What is “wisdom tooth extraction”? Extraction of a wisdom tooth or removal of a wisdom tooth from the jaw bone […]
Headaches can be caused by various dental related conditions. Severe pain associated with an infected tooth may radiate throughout the […]
It is important to see your dentist as soon as the crown or cap came off. There are various reasons […]
Teeth may experience fractures after a strong impact or gradually due to extensive wear. The most common causes of tooth […]
Knocked out permanent teeth are considered a time-sensitive and technique-sensitive dental emergency. Things to consider when the trauma occurred: Has […]
Gums affected by disease appear red, swollen and they bleed easily. While healthy gums are coral pink and firm. Gum […]
tooth aches and discomfort
Discomfort and Pain in dentistry is very complicated and can usually arise from one or several of the following structures: […]