We are OPEN for routine and elective dental care.

August 2022 Update

As of August 2022, some of the restrictions in healthcare settings have now been removed. We are nowonger requiring masks but will continue to recommend it. Our team members will continue to mask at all times. We will also continue to keep doors of treatment rooms closed during treatment to prevent aerosols from travelling to common areas.

We are happy to inform that the worst of COVID-19 is now behind us and the future is brighter. We treated over 4000 patients over the course of the pandemic without a single contagion. We will no longer require screening forms but we will continue to perform screening over the phone or in person. If you have any symptoms or have been in contact with somebody with symptoms, please let us know.

Should I be worried about my dental visit?

With the strict guidelines we follow, there is next to zero risk of contracting COVID-19 from your dental visit.

Do any of your dentists or team members have COVID or show signs and symptoms?

We would like to make sure you understand NONE of our team members and/or dentists have been or show signs and symptoms of COVID while at work. Each team member entering the office undergoes enhanced screened prior to entry. We have also provided our staff with showers and changing rooms to disinfect and completely change clothes after entering and before leaving the office.

If any team member shows any signs and/or symptoms, they will be asked to stay home and report to public health.

Why is the office colder than usual?

This is because our filters are running 24/7 to sanitize the air and exchange the air continuously to bring in fresh air from outside. We recommend that you dress in layers.

What changes have been made to protect the team and the patients?

  • All visitors including team members, suppliers, patients, etc are asked to self screen for signs and symptoms of COVID19 before entry into the premises.
  • All visitors SHOULD continue to wear a face mask when in the office except when in an enclosed treatment room and use a sanitizer before and after entry.
  • Enhanced disinfection of all contact surfaces will continue to be performed by our staff before and after every visitor.
  • All of our treatment rooms are equipped with sealed doors, walls and enhanced air exchangers which ensure aerosols are removed from the room every 25 minutes.
  • Our clinical team will be wearing enhanced PPE depending on the procedure being performed.