Crowns and caps are recommended when there was extensive damage or decay and a filling is not enough to protect the integrity of the tooth, or following a Root Canal Treatments.

Root canal treatments cause the tooth to become and dead like a dead tree – for this reason, dead teeth should be covered by a protective full coverage restoration that protects it like a helmet and reduces the chances of fractures of it that may render the tooth non-restorable.

There are several materials that crowns or caps can be made out of: ceramic, zirconia, metal or a mix between them. Each material has its own different properties and is ideal for certain cases. In terms of colour and shade matching, ceramic is the most versatile of the materials. Zirconia is a white powdered metal like ceramic, very strong and resistant to fracture. It would be the ideal material in patients with severe bruxism. Both metal and zirconia may be coated with porcelain for a better colour match to your other teeth.