Exciting times as Dr. Novin and Stefanie were able to take a few hours to go to the Ballantrae Public School to teach and educate our future generation on the mutual effects of dental health and mental health and why prevention is always the key to a great dental health and in turn mental health!

Dental Health, Mental Health and Overall Health

The correlation between the dental and mental health has been studied extensively and it has been found that dental anxiety, phobia and simply being scared of the dentist (mental health issues) can lead to neglect, lack of regular visits to the dentist and the hygienist and lack of motivation to improve dental health. This in turn causes bad breath, poor smile, pain, infection, swelling, gum diseases and the cycle goes on!

Dental, Mental and overall health flowchart

At Stouffville Smiles, we offer general anesthesia, sedation and sleep dentistry for children and adults that allows us to treat the dental health issues in one visit! Our dentists have taken extensive continuing education and training in children’s and pediatric dentistry and offer all the cutting edge services of a pediatric and a family dental office under one roof.

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