a knocked out or avulsed tooth due to trauma or accident

Loosening or knocking out of baby teeth as a result of trauma is common within small children as they learn how to walk and run.

A loosened tooth will commonly tighten up within a few weeks with no additional need of treatment. We recommend avoiding hard foods, but not necessarily a liquid diet.

However, we recommend that you bring your child in for an examination. We will assess for any injuries in the lips, tongue and gums. In some cases, an x-ray will be taken to determine if there was any damage to the permanent tooth bud – which lies just behind the baby tooth. If such damage exists, it may be necessary to remove the baby tooth in order to increase the chances of normal development of the permanent tooth.

In rare cases, an infection of the root can develop which, if left untreated may spread to the permanent tooth. If you notice swelling or redness around the injured tooth, please contact our office immediately.