We would like to see your little ones as early as 3 years old for regular cleanings.

We believe in establishing a relationship between ourselves and your children as early as possible. Children require your help and ours to understand the importance of their teeth and oral health at an early age and to establish healthy habits and routines.

Our hygienists will begin your child’s dental cleaning with a conversation with you regarding their medical history, their at home oral hygiene regimen and their compliance level. The cleaning will be performed with hand instruments and advanced ultrasonic instruments and our dentists will recommend any necessary x-rays.

At certain stages of development, children have teeth that are spaced out (signifying normal growth of the jaws to make room for the future permanent teeth), and we may not recommend any x-rays. However, if the baby molars are close together, “bitewing” x-rays are necessary to diagnose cavities in between the teeth. If we are concerned about the eruption of permanent teeth, we might recommend a “panoramic” x-ray.