sedation dentistry and anesthesia for dental phobia

A Canadian survey found that 49.2% of people with high anxiety and dental phobia had avoided dental treatment. Just as some people may perceive situations as being more dangerous than they actually are without any previous stimulus, others may have had a bad experience and fear that it might repeat itself.

Dental phobia is real and often times debilitating, leading to missed appointments and poor oral health.

At Stouffville Smiles Dentistry, we understand that anxiety and dentalphobia are one of the biggest impediments to achieving optimum oral health and hence overall health. For this very reason, our team members are highly trained in providing a host of relaxation options including sedation and sleep dentistry. Relaxation options can range from simple tell-show-do technique (mainly for children) to laughing gas, oral sedation, all the way to general anesthesia and IV sedation (or deep sedation).

We understand that just being gentle with good chair-side manners isn’t enough for all. Therefore, we offer the following relaxation options¬† in our facility:

  1. Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide Sedation)
  2. Oral Sedation
  3. Deep Sedation (IV Sedation and General Anesthesia)

Dr. Novin has extensive experience treating adults, children and people with special needs with Oral Sedation, I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia and is one of his passions. Our facility is fully equipped to perform all forms of sedation in house and we are proud to bring this to our patients at Stouffville and surrounding areas.