Dentures are removable replacements made up of plastic artificial teeth. They are used to fill the spaces created by the missing teeth. Dentures will enhance your aesthetic appearance by providing facial muscle support, they will help with chewing and normal speech, and they can prevent shifting in your remaining teeth. Based on each individual case, dentures can be created to fill the place of one or multiple missing teeth.

Dentures have been around 700 BC in various forms. We are now equipped to fabricate dentures digitally making them highly accurate, less expensive and more efficient. We have an in-house denturist (a dental professional that only deals with dentures and removable prosthesis) with over 15 years of experience who will guide you through the steps.


Dentures can be partial meaning they only replace some of the missing teeth and can be complete which means the denture will replace all the teeth.

Complete Dentures are usually made up of medical grade acrylic plastics that are comfortable, hygienic and easy to repair. The teeth and the pink plastic can be various shapes, shades and quality based on your needs.

Partial dentures can have a metal framework or be without one. Cast Partial Dentures have a metal framework that allows the denture to be thinner and stronger but they cost more and take longer to fabricate. Acrylic Partial Dentures are made of plastic and may have metal wires to clasp onto other teeth but are more susceptible to fractures and need more frequent repairs but are less expensive and faster to fabricate.

Valplast is a flexible material that can be used to make partial dentures. It is typically more comfortable than acrylic dentures but is more expensive to fabricate and cannot be repaired or additional teeth added if broken.

Immediate dentures can be fabricated for those that have some teeth to be extracted and replaced with a denture so you are never without teeth.



  • Relatively easy, quick and inexpensive to fabricate and repair.
  • Highly versatile, can add teeth as more teeth are extracted, can be repaired in a day.
  • Esthetically very pleasing.


  • Does not restore the biting forces back to when you had teeth.
  • Can come out if you eat something very chewy or when there isn’t enough suction to hold them down.
  • Denture sore spots are common as your gums/bone shrink and there is a need to reline or make adjustments with time.
  • Food gets under the denture.
  • Covers the roof of the mouth so taste and speech can be affected.
  • MUST be removed at night and after meals to clean under and must be kept out of the mouth at night to allow the gums to breathe.

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