Immediate Implant Restoration

Implants have come a long way and we are now able to restore a terminal tooth (a tooth that has to be extracted and replaced) immediately for optimum outcome. Extraction of a front tooth has long been a concern for patients because they were afraid to lose the front tooth and have nothing to place it for a while. This was because implants had to be placed and we had to wait for the bone to heal before we could replace it. This was often a long process taking about a year before the patient had a cosmetically acceptable permanent tooth replacement.

In the last few years, this has changed for the better! Dr. Novin and the team at Stouffville Smiles Dentistry are amongst the few elite clinics in Canada that are able to replace your terminal tooth with an immediately restore implant option all in under an hour. This process makes it easy for patients to have a tooth on the same day their natural tooth is extracted and the final outcome is far better than what was previously possible.

We are going to showcase an example of this case done by Dr. Novin. Patient came to us with a tooth that was previously restored several times with a crown that kept breaking. Patient understood that the tooth has to come out but had fears of not having a tooth to replace it immediately as it was a front tooth. Dr. Novin extracted the tooth and immediately placed an implant and restored it on the same day in under an hour.

Immediate Implant Restoration

Immediate implant Thumbnail After

Such procedures usually present very little swelling and discomfort that lasts less than week and the patient walks out of the dental office with a tooth, eliminating the need to wear a flipper or a denture. The final results are nothing short of amazing as it was difficult for the patient to even realize which tooth was extracted and restored!

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