sedation dentistry and anesthesia for dental phobia

What is “oral sedation”?
Oral sedation is typically a medicine that is given to the patient orally as a tablet or a powdered drink used as a form of sedation. Oral sedation can be combined with nitrous oxide for an added effect. Oral sedation is typically used to achieve mild to moderate conscious sedation.

What are the Benefits of Oral Sedation?
• Easy to administer and often provides a deeper sedation than nitrous oxide sedation.
• Possible anterograde amnesia which is loss of memory while you’re sedated. This can be beneficial as it may help with recovery from the procedure itself.
• Recovery is slow and it can take up to a day to fully recover from this form of sedation. You MUST be escorted home by somebody and will NOT be allowed to drive or operative heavy machinery or do anything of responsibility. An adult must be present to keep an eye on you at all times during the day.

Our team at Stouffville Smiles Dentistry has a long history of successfully treating various patients ranging from scaling and root planing (cleaning or hygiene appointment) to restoration of cavities to root canals to extractions of wisdom teeth or implant surgery. We provide free consultation to assess your situation and find the method of sedation that would work for you.

Oral sedation is achieved with a class of medication called “benzodiazepines” such as triazolam, lorazepam, midazolam and diazepam. This class of oral sedatives are deemed to be absolutely safe with a great track record of history of use and no side effects permanent side effects. We believe being able to provide this service in-house helps us help more patients achieve optimum oral health that they deserve.

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