Deep Sedation (IV or GA)

Sleep Dentistry is a deep state of relaxation carried out by an anesthesiologist to perform dentistry in a safe, pain-free and anxiety-free manner.

It is also often called dentistry asleep, single visit sleep dentistry or dental anesthesia.

At Stouffville SMILES Dentistry, patient comfort and quality of care is our number one priority. We provide various relaxation options to our patients to make sure their experience is as comfortable as possible. Your relaxation options will be discussed at your initial visit with us.

What is I.V. Sedation vs. General Anesthesia?

I.V. sedation is the highest form of sedation administered and controlled by an anesthesiologist who is a specialist in this field. You’re still conscious but in an extremely relaxed state (sleep) and will almost always not remember the procedure. General anesthesia or unconscious sedation is also administered and controlled by an anesthesiologist. You will not be conscious anymore and will require slightly more recovery time than I.V. sedation. This is ideal for children as any form of sedation can sometimes be unpredictable and general anesthesia is the only option.

Both I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia are safely performed by an anesthesiologist who is specifically trained to do this. The Anesthesiologist is dedicated to putting you safely to sleep, monitoring you while you’re asleep and making sure you recover safely while working with a registered nurse. The dentistry is performed by one of the dentists you’re familiar with and they will always be present to support you through the recovery and the post-operative care.

Our team members at Stouffville Smiles Dentistry, have extensive experience with performing all sorts of procedures under I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia. Dr. Novin has been performing dentistry for his patients under I.V. Sedation and General Anesthesia since 2016 and is one of his passions. We are the only office in Stouffville to be offering this service to patients.

What are the benefits of Sleep Dentistry?

  • Pain-free, worry-free and anxiety-free dental visits.
  • Ability to perform required and recommended treatment while you’re asleep.
  • Ability to perform more work in less time.
  • Safe and Comfortable.

Is Oral Sedation and Nitrous Oxide Sedation same as Sleep Dentistry?

The short answer is no. Although laughing gas and oral sedatives are great means of relaxing patients, they don’t put the patient to “sleep”. Sleep dentistry is the deepest form of sedation and we recommend it be carried out by an anesthesiologist whose sole job is to monitor your vital signs and health and keep your safely sedated.

With Sleep Dentistry, you’re almost guaranteed not to remember anything about the procedure and your visit.

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