What is “Smile Designing”?

This state of the art process allows us to visualize and try your final smile before the finals so you have an idea about the final results before even starting any irreversible change to your smile.

  1. We take photos, 3D face scans, 3D digital intra-oral scans of your current teeth and gums.
  2. We start designing your optimum smile.
  3. Preparation of a 2D photo mockup and/or a 3D virtualization of what your smile will look like.
  4. Revisions and/or changes consultation sessions.
  5. 3D printing your temporary mockup for a final test drive.
  6. Preparation of the teeth to allow for the final ceramic veneers and/or crowns.
  7. Insertion of the final veneers and/or crowns.
Digital smile design process